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 Best Front Office Management Course in Lucknow

Front Office Management Course in Lucknow

The FOM Course stands for Front Office Management. FOM Course Syllabus includes all the important subjects that are from basics to advanced in Computer like the Internet, the World Wide Web, Web Browsers, GUI based Operating systems, Word Processing, Social Networking, Creating formal presentations, etc.

Daily live classes

Live Classes by Top Digital Marketer from the best companies, 10 am -9 pm, Mon-Fri.

Live Projects

Multiple Real World Live Projects created using industries demanded technologies, hosted and live for the world to see & use.

Personal Mentor

Group and one-to-one mentor sessions with a personal mentor allotted from the Top Companies to guide you throughout the course and beyond.


Sharpen your Development Skills with practice, contests and hackathons held every weekend to give you an edge in a timed, high pressure environment.

Course Syllabus :

1. Computer Communication

2. Social Networking, Social Governance, and E-mail

3. WWW and Web Browsers

3. WWW and Web Browsers

4. Overview of Future Skills & Cyber Security.

5.Introduction to GUI-Based Operating System

6. Making Small Presentations

7. Internet

8. Spreadsheets

9. Elements of Word Processing

Why Choose us-

  • Rapid and Fast Real Time Training
  • Deep and Exact Industry based knowledge
  • Learn More in Less Time
  • After this Training you will eligible for Start job in IT Agencies
  • After this course you not needed any internship